4 signs your insurance company may be trying to underpay your car accident claim

In an ideal world, insurance companies would pay the full value of your car accident claim so that you could recover from your accident, catch up on your bills, and live your life again as a restored individual.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies focus on their own profits and results. When possible, they may try to underpay your car accident claim, depriving you of your deserved benefits and forcing you to pay additional bills out of pocket.

It’s in situations like these that a car accident lawyer can help. To find out when your insurance company may be trying to scam you, read on.

1. You haven’t received a police report.

No matter what type of accident you might have, it’s important to call the police for one main reason: to get a police report. This document can go a long way in proving your claim with your insurance company. If you don’t have one, you are more likely to be underpaid.

Sometimes the police may not have prepared a report for your accident. In this case, the situation becomes a battle of views, between yours and the other parties. The insurance company will then choose the story that best suits its results.

2. The insurance company uses a third party to assess the damage.

Typically, the insurance company will send their representative to assess the damage to your vehicle. If the company tells you it’s more of an outside service, that’s not a good sign. Although this outside service is presented as an independent agency, unscrupulous insurance companies may use the service to obtain a lower damage value than would normally be achieved by a reputable agency.

The insurance company can then use this lower value to pay you less money than you deserve on your claim.

3. The representative asks you to record your declaration.

If the insurance representative asks you to record your statement about the accident, always refuse. The representative may pressure you, stating that the registration is necessary for “quality assurance” or to be able to proceed with the claim. This isn’t true and is often a warning sign that the company may be trying to underpay you.

You are not required to make a recorded statement. If the insurance company asks, they may try to get you to provide information that will justify a reduced payment, such as a flippant statement or admission of guilt.

4. The insurance company is delaying the progress of your claim.

Is your insurance company taking an unreasonable amount of time to decide if your claim should be covered? This could be a sign of a potential denial of your request or an underpayment. Delay tactics are common when it comes to insurance companies trying to protect their profits. If you’re having trouble contacting your insurance agent, that’s another sign the company is creating unreasonable delays.

A car accident lawyer can help you

If you notice any of the above signs while working with your insurance company, contact an auto accident attorney. They can help you protect your interests, investigate any disputes and represent you if your application is denied.

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Justin D. O'Neill