A Mexican auto insurance policy is essential for American tourists to Mexico: Baja Window to the South

American tourists need to consider different things when traveling to Baja California, the route they will take, the stops they will make, and the places they will visit. But one of the essential things that some forget to do is get a Mexican car insurance policy.

To talk about it, Geoff Hill of Baja Bound Insurance was present. This company has existed in San Diego since 1994 and Geoff said that American auto insurance ceases to exist as soon as you cross the border. Although some may cover a short distance and some accidents, depending on the company.

Hill stressed that under no circumstances will US auto insurance cover liability in Mexico, which is why he is working with Mexican companies so that insurance can provide a safe and calm trip for tourists. He added that over the years he has seen clients visit the country for a day, weeks, months, and there are even some who have a home in Mexico and regularly come to visit.

Anyone wishing to engage the services of Baja Bound can do so online via computer or mobile phone, and if there are any questions, you can call one of their agents during working hours. Geoff added that tourists from all over the world can bring their own car and insurance services will apply so they can travel to Mexico in the safest way possible.

It should be noted that there are situations that may render the insurance policy void in the country, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Hill even said that some companies won’t make the insurance valid if the customer doesn’t have the proper documentation. That’s why he recommends Baja Bound Insurance so they can visit Mexico safely.

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