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(WSVN) – The driver who hit him had insurance, but his insurance company refused to pay for his repairs because their client refused to tell them about the accident. Is it legal? The answer is here, in tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

When Marlon has free time, he enjoys hitting the road as an Uber driver.

Marlon Campos, insurance won’t pay: “Go ahead and earn some extra money.”

Marlon says most of the passengers are nice. It was the drivers on the road that caused his problem.

Marlon Campos: “I had a car in front of me, and then all of a sudden someone hit my back, which caused me to hit the car in front of me.”

Marlon and his Uber passenger were fine. His vehicle was not.

Marlon Campos: “The car behind me was completely destroyed. My car was completely smashed in the back.

His front end was damaged after being pushed into the car in front of him, but there was a rarity in the crash for South Florida.

Marlon Campos: “You know, realize everyone on the scene had insurance, the person that hit me, I had insurance.”

In fact, Marlon and the bad driver have the same insurance, but they refused to pay through the bad driver’s policy because – are you ready for this? — they say their client will not discuss the accident with them.

Marlon Campos: “Because every time they asked her to come and give her side of the story, she didn’t show up.”

Marlon then asked them to pay through his police… and got run over twice.

Marlon Campos: “They dismissed my claim with my police because they said I was driving for Uber.”


Marlon Campos: “Because we found out that you work for Uber, we are not going to renew your policy. »

Uber’s insurance agreed to pay, but their deductible is $2,500, which Marlon can’t afford.

And Marlon wants the driver who hit him’s insurance company to pay for the damage she caused.

Marlon Campos: “I find it unfair that an insurance company can simply deny your claim when their driver is clearly at fault.”

Two people have the same insurance company, which will not pay through either person’s policy. Needless to say, Marlon feels like he’s in another wreck.

Marlon Campos: “Yeah, I’m losing on all sides. On all sides, I lose.

Well, Howard, can an auto insurance company refuse to pay for damages caused by its customer because that customer won’t talk to it?

7News legal expert Howard Finkelstein: “Yes they can, because it’s in the contract between the offending driver and the insurance company, and Marlon has no right to force that insurance company to pay his damages because he is not a party to their contract.

We tried to contact the driver who hit Marlon. She treated us like the insurance company and didn’t want to talk to us either.

We contacted United Automobile Insurance Company, which insured the offending driver.

Their rep said: ‘We did nothing wrong with Mr. Campos’ claim and no further comment.

So, Howard, as a driver, how do you protect yourself?

Howard Finkelstein: “First, have your own insurance to cover your damages. Marlon drove commercially for Uber, so his personal insurance wouldn’t pay. The other possibility? Take the offending driver to small claims court.

Marlon Campos: “I mean, shame on the insurance.”

Marlon will now go through Uber’s insurance. He says after the $2,500 deductible, he gets $1,900 to try to fix his damaged SUV.

Marlon Campos: “It was a very frustrating experience.”

It is surprising that if the driver who causes an accident refuses to cooperate, his insurance will not pay for the damage he caused, but it will cost the woman in this case. Since she’s not cooperating, they don’t have to fix her car either. That’s why we do Help Me Howard. We learn something new every day.

Do you feel like a wreck? No one is cooperating with you? Get in touch with us and let us make sure you get the help you need.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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