Clearcover Insurance Company Partners with Salty, the Embedded Insurance® Technology Company

Clearcover Insurance Company, the smarter choice in auto insurance, today announced a new partnership with Salty Dot, Inc. to expand distribution and make Clearcover policies available through Salty’s agency.

This new partnership will make Clearcover’s easy-to-use auto insurance products and technology available on Salty’s Embedded Insurance® platform and to Salty’s customers in Arizona, Ohio, Utah, Wisconsin and more. other states in the future. The combination of Salty’s seamless experience powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning and Clearcover’s digital insurance experience will provide customers with a simple and convenient car insurance solution.

“Clearcover’s mission is to become the digital auto insurer of choice for modern drivers,” said Nick Shutwell, senior vice president of growth at Clearcover. “Our partnership with Salty will help us expand the availability of our seamless and affordable auto insurance experience to more customers.”

“Salty is thrilled to launch its partnership with Clearcover,” said Paul Gable, Salty’s Chief Insurance Officer. “Salty customers are getting a powerful new option through Clearcover’s digital insurance strategy. From initial engagement at the point of sale to the complexities of the claims process, Clearcover has engineered a superior consumer process. We look forward to to grow with Clearcover as we expand our mutual footprints across the country.”

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About Clearcover

Clearcover is the smarter car insurance choice, offering better coverage for less money. Clearcover’s API approach allows customers to have excellent insurance at affordable rates. The company’s powerful technology, combined with its dedicated team of customer advocates, ensures a quality experience. Backed by one of the world’s largest reinsurers and designed for modern drivers, Clearcover makes it easy to get reliable car insurance in minutes.

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About the salty point

Salty Dot, Inc. is the Embedded Insurance® technology company. Salty removes existing consumer barriers to buying the right policy and getting the right coverage. The Company’s platform is a proprietary software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables carriers and channel partners to offer a custom policy to ensure a product or service in real time during the purchase process. . Salty uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze unique shopper and purchase data sources. It then sorts multiple carriers to seamlessly offer the right insurance. The company is licensed to operate in all 50 states through Salty Dot Insurance Agency, LLC and its subsidiaries.

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