#DriveLikeALady: Insurance company honors woman who drove a bus for the first time and saved a driver’s life

One of many stereotypes associated with women is that they are bad conductors. In its latest ad, Kotak General Insurance Company Limited attempted to prove otherwise through a video.

The one-minute, 21-second video shows a group of women happily traveling on a bus, which comes to an abrupt halt after its driver passes out. With no help in sight, a woman sits in the driver’s seat as she resolutely drives the bus and takes it to the hospital.

The short film, based on a true story, is the company’s tribute to Yogita Satav, a 42-year-old woman from Pune who made the news after driving a mini-bus with 20 people on board for nearly 25 kilometers as the driver of the vehicle. lost consciousness.

On January 7, Satav and the others were returning to Pune from their picnic at Morachi Chinchol when the driver fainted while driving on a lonely stretch. Instead of panicking, Satav took the initiative to steer the minibus and led everyone to safety, even though she had never driven a bus before.

Kotak General Insurance captioned the video: “Women can’t drive, you’ve heard that stereotype. It’s time not to hear it anymore. We bring you the story of a brave woman who took to the wheel in the face of adversity. A story that will empower and inspire you to #DriveLikeALady #KotakGeneralInsurance #InternationalWomensWeek #WomensDay #BreakTheBias”

The video, which was posted on Saturday, gained more than two lakh views. The video was based on this year’s International Women’s Day theme: #BreakTheBias.

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Justin D. O'Neill