Insurance experts NimbleFins have launched a tool to compare car insurance quotes on their site as well as rankings of the best car insurance companies in UK by popularity and price. They hope that this information will make the process of buying auto insurance easier for their readers.

To help motorists search among the best UK car insurance companies for their needs, a car insurance quote comparison is now available through the NimbleFins guide to the best car insurance companies in UK. The guide includes useful information on the biggest and most popular car insurance companies in the UK. The page also discusses customer complaint rates and discusses the pros and cons of buying from large and small insurers.

“In the UK, the law requires as a minimum motor liability insurance,” said Erin Yurday, CEO and co-founder of NimbleFins, “which protects against damage to other road users. But a large portion of motorists purchase a higher level of coverage to protect their own vehicle from damage or loss. Regardless of the level of coverage purchased and the size of the business, it is important to understand what features are included or can be purchased at an additional premium. For example, breakdown and legal coverage often cost more, but some insurance companies include these features in their standard policies.

NimbleFins customers can now complete an online form to get auto insurance quotes from over 100 auto insurance providers.

The NimbleFins team has put together a list of guidelines for purchasing auto insurance:

– Make sure to check which features are included and which are not.
– Compare quotes from many suppliers to ensure a good deal
– Buy early to get a car insurance discount
– Be honest in the application to avoid a price increase later or cancellation of the policy

Most Common Mistakes When Buying Auto Insurance

Asked about the most common mistakes she sees when buying auto insurance, Erin replied, “A common mistake is to buy at the last minute. One of the easiest ways to save money when purchasing auto insurance is to purchase a policy a few weeks in advance. Those who need a policy with a same day departure can pay 30% or more more for their policy compared to those who buy in advance.

“Additionally, it’s important to read auto insurance reviews to understand how a product compares to other options in the market, as well as how customers rate the product and service. The Cheap Car Insurance UK Research by NimbleFins summarizes the ratings and reviews of the top 10 cheap car insurance companies in UK.

The solution to finding auto insurance

The NimbleFins team have created two in-depth educational guides that rank the best car insurance companies in the UK. The first guide ranks the best auto insurance companies by size, starting with the largest. The second guide ranks cheap auto insurance brands based on customer ratings and characteristics, taking into account Trustpilot, Defaqto, and Fairer Finance scores. They offer these guides and the quote comparison feature for free on their website. Customers who complete a quote form can receive over 100 car insurance quotes.


For any motorist looking to purchase a car insurance policy or get a quote for an alternative policy when it comes time to renew, NimbleFins has two great guides to finding out more about car insurance companies in the UK. In addition to the information provided in their guides, NimbleFins offers the option of getting quotes for how much car insurance costs and buying a policy.

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