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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Hurricane season is less than a month away and this week is hurricane preparedness week.

Insurance agents remind everyone to check their policy and make sure they are ready.

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Allstate agent Lisa Faina said it’s important to walk around your property and take a digital inventory before a storm hits.

She also emphasized the importance of knowing your coverage. Most home insurance policies do not include flood insurance. When you buy flood insurance, it takes about 30 days for the policy to come into effect.

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Faina said they find lots of people picking up the phone before a storm approaches, but there’s nothing they can do to help.

“We get a lot of calls, either to review their policy, to change their cover, or to start a policy. And you can’t because the insurance companies have a moratorium on bonding. So you’re not able to make changes, you’re not able to set up coverage. So again, now is a great time to review your insurance before hurricane season begins,” she said.

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Faina also said it’s important to be careful about who you do business with after suffering storm damage. She said there are a lot of fraud situations where people ask for money up front and never finish the job.

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