PayU updates its health insurance policy to promote the inclusion of LQBTQ employees

Dutch payment service provider PayU has announced a series of policies and initiatives to foster workplace inclusivity for its LGBTQ employees in honor of Pride Month.

PayU said in a press release that it operates a zero-tolerance policy for any type of harassment directed at its employees and that its internal operations are gender-neutral and inclusive of non-binary identities, ensuring everyone has equal and open access. to opportunities. and resources.

For starters, the company updated its insurance policy for same-sex partners, now including hormone therapy and gender affirmation surgery. The company said it supports each employee’s personal choices and individual preferences, in light of which it has worked to expand its insurance coverage for LQBTQ employees.

PayU has also revised its Equal Opportunity Policy for Employers, which reviews internal procedures to ensure LGBTQ inclusivity and that community members are treated equally in all policies. In order to ensure that all benefits for same-sex couples and resident partners of the organization are expanded while maintaining strict confidentiality, the firm will equip its employee assistance program to allow discussions on the aforementioned topics. .

The company has also established a Global Diversity and Inclusion Council, led by Global CEO Laurent le Moal, and includes leaders from many prominent companies across all regions. Each nation should have its own “national champion” to lead local D&I chapters, which helps PayU match its business to local and regional nuances and employee requirements to be relevant in all the varied markets and areas in which he works. Meghna Pal was recently named the company’s Global Head of D&I, with the goal of implementing the D&I strategy and increasing investment in this ever-evolving journey to raise awareness and support for LGBTQ members.

PayU also said in a statement that it will soon launch the Pride ERG, which will be led by passionate and willing allies. The company will also welcome LGBTQIA inclusion advocate Parmesh Shahani to help employees understand how they can be more active and vocal allies.

PayU’s Director of Human Resources, Priya Cherian, commenting on the initiative, said, “Diversity and inclusion for PayU is about recognizing the uniqueness of one among many and thriving through the strength of many in one – it’s for everyone. At the heart of PayU are PayUneers. And at the heart of being a PayUneer is being able to be “U” in the workplace. Building a workplace where everyone is respected, has access to every opportunity and fair processes for everyone, regardless of their orientation and personal choices, is what we strive for. Essentially, we don’t just welcome and encourage everyone to be unique, but we celebrate their uniqueness at PayU.

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Justin D. O'Neill