Report Shows Women Pay More for Auto Insurance Than Men in Delaware | News

SUSSEX COUNTYDel.— The Consumers Federation of America (CFA) released a report Thursday that found women pay more for car insurance premiums in Delaware than men.

Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro is working with the sponsor, Senator Kyle Evans Gay of Senate District 5, to introduce a bill to the Senate. SB 231 states that auto insurance companies will not be able to assess applicants for auto insurance policies based on their gender.

“On average, women pay between 8 and 9% more for their private car insurance than men, and for a company they pay 20% more,” Commissioner Trinidad Navarro said.

Senator Gay says car insurance agencies should use predictors such as miles driven or reported accidents instead of gender.

“Auto insurance companies, if they have the data to show that gender is a predictor, they haven’t demonstrated that it should be used, and they haven’t demonstrated that there’s a reason important policy where we should use gender to calculate auto insurance premiums,” said Senator Gay.

Six states already have their own version of this bill, including:

California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

WRDE contacted several car insurance agencies in Sussex County and three said they did not see women paying more for car insurance.

Senator Gay says if SB 231 is signed by Governor Carney by June 30, Delawares could see gender removed as a factor in determining auto insurance rates by July.

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Justin D. O'Neill