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Auto insurance companies will carefully analyze several factors about a potential customer, before granting them coverage. Some of the factors that most influence auto insurance costs are:

  • The vehicle itself. Factors such as make, model, year of production, security devices installed, anti-theft devices installed, value, security ratings are important to an insurance company which determines the insurance rates paid by a driver. Newer cars are more expensive to insure. On the other hand, lightly used SUVs or minivans are among the cheapest cars to insure.
  • Driving record. Insurance companies will reward drivers with a clean driving record. However, drivers who have numerous crimes like unpaid speeding tickets, responsible car accidents or even impaired driving incidents will pay more on their insurance premiums.
  • Driving experience. New drivers will pay more for their insurance because they are considered inexperienced. Their insurance premiums will go down once they gain enough driving experience.
  • The policy itself. The policyholder will decide on his own insurance needs. They can decide how much additional coverage they need, coverage limits, deductible levels, etc.

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