Ulster Bank transfers home and car insurance books to Aviva as part of Republic exit

Ulster Bank has signed an agreement with Aviva Direct Ireland for the transfer of renewal rights for the Bank’s home and motor insurance portfolios to the insurer as part of its phased exit from the Republic of Ireland.

Ulster Bank said customers had no action to take and would communicate the change and what it means to them in writing.

“Today’s announcement of this transfer to Aviva Direct is one more step in our gradual withdrawal from the Republic of Ireland and I am happy to inform our customers that they do not need to do anything until to have their police renewed,” Ulster said. The bank’s chief executive, Jane Howard.

This transfer will take effect continuously from the beginning of September.

As the customers’ policies are already underwritten by Aviva with Ulster Bank as intermediary, there will be no change to the terms and conditions of the customers’ existing policies until their renewal date, Ulster explained Bank.

“When a customer’s current insurance policy expires, Aviva Direct will automatically issue a renewal quote prior to the renewal date and outline the terms of renewal coverage. At this point, customers can renew the policy or seek alternative coverage from another provider, as they might have done before,” he said.

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Justin D. O'Neill