Washington man gets auto insurance policy nearly 30 minutes after crash

Washington state officials accused a man of add his car to an insurance policy shortly after having an accident, The Charlotte Observer reports.

The Battle Ground man was allegedly involved in a two-vehicle accident in April 2019. His 2004 Nissan was uninsured at the time, but he added the car to his existing policy without telling his insurance company Progressive. has just been involved in an accidentaccording to the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner on Tuesday, June 7.

The driver would have filed a complaint the next day for $3,730.03. Progressive learned that the Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crash nearly 30 minutes before adding her car to the police. The company denied the request and notified the state insurance commissioner’s criminal investigation unit, according to the statement.

He now faces charges of making false statements or evidence and attempted theft.

State officials also reported a similar incident that occurred with a Spokane Valley woman. She was involved in an accident in February 2020 but reinstated her policy after the accident, according to the statement. The driver also told Progressive that she had been accident-free in the past five years, according to the office. The woman ended up being charged with submitting a false statement for insurance purposes, officials say.

The statement noted that insurance companies are legally required to report instances of fraud to the Washington State Commissioner.

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Justin D. O'Neill