Why should you call your lawyer before your insurance company

You risk sharing too much information with your insurance company if you contact them before your lawyer.

After being involved in an accident, many people tend to contact their insurance company before their lawyer. It is a mistake. Insurance company representatives often take advantage of unsuspecting victims to undermine their claims.

Instead, call your attorney first for legal help. A lawyer will always act in the best interest of his client. Plus, they can take care of communicating with insurance agents and protecting your rights in the process.

Benefits of talking to your lawyer first

Unlike the insurance company, your lawyer has your best interests. Also, attorney-client privilege prevents your attorney from disclosing information that could harm your case to the insurance company and other third parties.

Therefore, the best time to contact a Dallas auto accident attorney is now, if you are involved in an accident. The compensation you receive may cover injuries and damages you have suffered.

Here are the main benefits of talking to your lawyer first after an accident:

Jural advisor

Your lawyer can provide you with personalized legal advice when you contact them immediately after being involved in a car accident. The attorney can elaborate on your legal options and tell you who you should and shouldn’t talk to about the case, as well as what to say and what not to say.

They can also advise you on how to defend your interests and respond to other affected parties. The legal advice offered by your lawyer can allow you to move the file forward without any problem.

File request

A lawyer is your best advocate. While victims can handle minor accident issues, major issues require an attorney. If you were seriously injured in the accident, a legal expert can help you file a lawsuit against the responsible party.

Your attorney can contact the insurance company representatives and negotiate the settlement on your behalf. They can also make sure you get the right compensation for your injuries and losses.

Legal representation

The benefit of contacting your attorney is that they can provide you with legal representation from start to finish in your settlement case.

Since the attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in handling similar cases, you will have peace of mind knowing that your issue is in good hands. They will take care of all the paperwork and handle all aspects of your case to ensure that the court decision is in your favour.

Disadvantages of contacting your insurance company before your lawyer

Although insurance company officials may seem friendly, they are not interested in rewarding you with fair compensation. Their best interest is for the insurance companies they represent. Here are some cons to talk to your insurance company first.

Low pay

When you contact your insurance company after an accident, they will try to get you to agree to a particular settlement amount. In most cases, compensation is often low. After all, this is how insurance companies make their profits. They cannot continue to operate if they give all victims the correct payment for their injuries, property damage and losses.

Never negotiate with an insurance company without your attorney’s knowledge. Only make a deal after all costs, including medical bills and lost income, have been factored into the settlement.

Risk of excessive sharing of information

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You risk sharing too much information with your insurance company if you contact them before your lawyer. The company can use the information you provide to them to devalue your compensation and work against you.

Don’t share a lot of information about your accident when contacting your insurance company. Simply provide them with information about the occurrence, date, time and location of the accident. Also tell them that you will send your attorney to file a claim.


Although insurance company representatives may want to help you after an accident, your interests are not theirs. On the other hand, your lawyer is concerned about your well-being and wants to help you.

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