Commercial auto insurer Zego has introduced a new flat rate insurance policy to supplement its existing usage-based policy.

The new flat-rate insurance policy is the latest development from insurance company Zego, which initially offered pay-as-you-go coverage for the odd-job economy and has expanded into the fleet business.

It caters to fleets, couriers and private rental companies that are in constant demand, drive high mileage, or just want to pay a fixed premium per month – and also gives them access to the benefits of telematics and tables. intuitive dashboards from Zego.

Fleets using the package policy will be installed with Zego telematics devices from partner Abax, capturing the driving behavior of the fleet. This in turn allows fleet companies to identify and better manage risk and access reduced premiums accordingly; the best performing fleets will be rewarded with up to 30% reduction on their policy upon renewal.

Fleets that adopt the new policy will also be able to effectively manage their vehicles and complaints processes through the Zego Fleet Portal. This provides insight into individual vehicle performance, a 24/7 live view of claims and allows businesses to instantly add and remove police vehicles and drivers.

It is the latest development of the insurance company Zego, founded in 2016 and initially focused on providing pay-as-you-go coverage for delivery drivers in the odd-job economy, but later expanded into mobility and the fleet sector; this too has their own license in the UK to purchase insurance.

The company has provided over 17 million insurance policies and recently became the UK’s first insurtech unicorn after raising $ 150 million (£ 111 million) in a Series C fundraiser.

Ines Feracci, Commercial Director of Zego, said: “Zego is committed to providing fleets with the most cost effective, flexible and easy to manage insurance policies. Where our flagship flexible ‘by the mile’ flagships suit some fleets, others prefer to pay a fixed monthly premium – while still being able to access the benefits of Zego’s telematics and intuitive dashboards.

“We are delighted to be able to offer a choice of products to fleets, all of which reward better driving performance. “

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