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ANGOLA – A Hudson man was arrested for fraud and misrepresentation after he tried to tell police his truck was stolen, then later showed up as wrecked at an Avilla pound in May, according to the Steuben Circuit Court records.

Timothy L. Slone, 35, was arrested by local police on Tuesday after a warrant was filed in connection with the alleged crime.

Slone reportedly fled Kendallville police on the night of May 11 and managed to return to Steuben County where he locked himself up with his girlfriend.

Slone then filed a stolen vehicle report with his insurance company. His allegedly stolen truck was valued at more than $19,000, according to court documents.

During his investigation, Ashley Police Officer Shane Richards determined on May 17 that not only was Slone lying to police, but that his girlfriend was lying on his behalf.

The girlfriend finally told the truth to the police.

As police attempted to locate Slone for questioning, he hid at his girlfriend’s residence in Hudson. While in hiding, he texted his girlfriend, urging her not to reveal his whereabouts.

“I (know) I’m going to jail. I hope you don’t put me in jail, they just want a statement that my truck was stolen from you, don’t bother talking to them.” This was followed by “I never thought this would be how I would go back to I never thought in millions of years please (woman’s name) please “, said the court records.

During a recorded phone call with adjusters, Slone could be heard telling someone he could get away with filing the bogus insurance claim.

Slone is facing a felony level 6 charge of fraud in a case worth $750 to $50,000 and misdemeanor Class A misrepresentation.

For the Level 6 felony, Slone faces between 6 months and 2.5 years in prison and for the Class A misdemeanor, up to 1 year in prison.

No court activity was listed for Slone, other than filing an arrest warrant. His bail was set at $3,000.

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