Clay County District Schools Covered by Active Abusers Insurance Policy

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Florida. – The Clay County School District Board approved an estimated $1,634,490 to cover its property/accident/active aggressor insurance policies, an increase of $287,305 or 21% year over year former. The increase in “Active Aggressor Bounties” is specifically cited as a reason for the District’s increased costs.

According to the school district’s insurance broker, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.some of the reasons for increased costs include increased litigation, more favorable judgments for plaintiffs, increased storm activity, and pandemic-related losses.

Under the approved insurance policy, the district is covered for up to $1 million per claim with a $10,000 deductible.

This infographic was prepared for a presentation by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. to the Clay County, Florida School Board on June 30, 2022. (Courtesy of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.)

The policy will go through the Markel, a Virginia-based insurance company.

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Of the other school districts in the area, some are covered for shooting attacks, but not in a specific position.

“We don’t have a policy that only covers active abusers, but if anything were to happen it would be covered by our special risk/terrorism policies to help recover from the traumatic event (i.e. say tips, extra security, transportation, etc.), St. Johns County School District spokeswoman Christina Upchurch said.

The board says there are several reasons for the rising prices, including inflation and rising property values.

But liability experts say more and more active shooter attacks are being recorded, affecting premiums.

Raymond Reddin is a partner at Hall Booth Smith, a firm that verifies insurance liability for a wide range of clientele, including school districts. Part of his company’s job is to let venues know how legally exposed they are to deadly events, like an active shooter.

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“You know, 10 to 15 years ago this wouldn’t have been wanted, but the crazy world we live in has dictated that we are in now – it’s something that every business entity, every school, hospital, hotel, etc. have to think about. They have to think about getting insurance and they have to think about having a security assessment done at their establishment,” Reddin said.

According to the FBI, such shootings occur most often in places of business, accounting for nearly 44% of recorded attacks. About one in five occurs in schools or colleges, about 13% is in open spaces, just over 9% occurs in government buildings, healthcare facilities and places of worship. Private residences complete the balance.

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