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SUNBURY – A Dornsife couple were sentenced to 12 months probation on Monday and ordered to pay $62,537.48 at Erie Insurance as well as fines, fees and charges for a disorderly conduct misdemeanor charge after he was charged with burning down a house for profit.

Dustin Letterman33, and Marissa Letterman30, were initially charged with two counts of arson with danger of death or bodily harm, two counts of arson with intent to collect insurance, two counts of false insurance claims and laying reckless danger from another person.

These charges were not pursued.

Charges were filed on June 27, 2019and relate to a September 17, 2017incident in Township of Jackson.

According to a 2019 criminal complaint, the Lettermans initially said they took the car with their two children. 9:30 p.m. They went to Sunoco and went home 11 p.m., at which point Dustin went into the garage, got a gallon of paint, and took it to a friend’s house with his family. When they got home, Dustin said he saw smoke coming from the doors of the house and the garage door and called 911.

State Police Fire Marshal Kirk Renn interviewed the Lettermans together and separately.

Dustin said he thought the fire was arson and said “someone started it.” He also said the fire was not an accident. Marissa said they were behind on the bills.

Renn received a joint credit history for the Lettermans which indicated that at the time of the fire they were $17,141 overdue on credited payments.

On August 16, 2018Renn interviewed Dustin’s mother, who said Dustin told her he set the garage on fire and Marissa put the one in the bathroom.

Renn interviewed William Bender on May 24, 2019. Bender owned the house the Lettermans went to the night of the fire. Bender said Dustin was nervous, and when a car drove by, he said he thought his house might be on fire.

Bender also said that after the fire, Dustin told Bender that he burned down his house because he needed the money.

Erie Insurance Co. paid a total of $62,537.48 for the Letterman’s claim, which the couple were ordered by the court to reimburse.

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