Kotak Insurance Company honors Pune woman who drove bus to save driver’s life

This incident happened on January 7 at Morachi Chincholi, about 55 km from Pune.

Yogita Satav, a 42-year-old from Pune, made headlines earlier this year after driving a minibus with 20 people on board for almost 25 kilometers. She made this daring act possible after the driver of the vehicle lost consciousness.

This incident happened on January 7 at Morachi Chincholi, about 55 km from Pune.

Satav and a few others returning to Pune from their picnic faced the most unexpected fear. On the way back, the driver passed out while driving on a lonely stretch. However, instead of being nervous or scared, the middle-aged woman stepped forward and took the initiative to steer the minibus. Amazingly, she led everyone to safety even though she had never driven a bus before in her life.

Months after being hailed on social media, Kotak General Insurance Company Limited has released a one-minute, 21-second video to pay tribute to Satav, who not only stunned the world but also herself. The clip is based on this year’s International Women’s Day theme which is #BreakTheBias.

In the video, a group of women are seen riding happily on a bus, which comes to an abrupt halt after its driver passes out. After not asking anyone for help, a woman boldly sits in the driver’s seat and drives the bus purposefully. With maximum courage and bravery, she takes him to the hospital.

Sharing the video, Kotak General Insurance captioned it saying, “Women can’t drive, you’ve heard that stereotype. It’s time not to hear it anymore. We present to you the story of a brave woman who took the wheel in the face of adversity.

Later in the post, the insurance company highlights this story to empower and inspire people around the world. They also shared it with the hashtags DriveLikeALady and BreakTheBias.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared on Saturday, March 5, the video has garnered more than two lakh views so far. Along with this, it also received feedback from users who praised Kotak Insurance Company for their tribute as well as their idea.

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