UK SMEs will soon be able to get Amazon insurance coverage

Amazon will soon roll out insurance policies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UK, broker Exhibitor told Reuters on Monday (September 27).

Amazon Business Prime members can purchase insurance at a 20% discount to cover cybersecurity, professional indemnity and more from Superscript, which notes that policies will be underwritten by a spokesperson for Superscript. called the “main British insurers”.

More than half of customers are willing to purchase insurance from Big Tech or insurance technology companies, according to a recent Capgemini survey of 12,000 people worldwide.

“The (insurance) industry needs to bridge the gap between insurers and customers by providing a fast, fluid and customer-centric purchasing process.” Cameron shearer, co-founder and CEO of Superscript, said in a statement.

InsurTech in the United States Next insurance said in March it would cover U.S. small businesses through Amazon Business Prime.

“As businesses emerge from the pandemic and gradually return to normalcy, we want customers to have the best tools to run their business” Molly dobson, country manager of Amazon Business in the UK and Ireland, said in the statement.

Amazon is no stranger to the insurance game, offering guaranteed insurance to its UK customers.

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If you are looking for an insurance policy that is a bit out of the norm, you can probably cover it.

Heidi Klum’s legs are insured for $ 2.2 million, for example, and Jennifer Lopez’s hindquarters have a $ 27 million policy behind them. Gene Simmons has insured his tongue for $ 1 million, Keith Richards has a policy of $ 1.6 million on his middle finger, and Tom Jones has insured his chest hair for $ 7 million.

You can also protect yourself against potential alien attacks – and many companies offer this type of policy – believe it or not.

Alien Abduction Insurance (AAI), also known as UFO insurance, is designed to protect people if they are taken into space against their will.

These policies cover psychiatric care, compensation for lost wages, vehicle replacement and compensation for wages lost during the loss in space, as well as tractor beam burns, extraterrestrial pregnancies (for men and women). women), injuries resulting from extraterrestrial examinations, temporal anomalies, carrier psychosis. and exposure to thoron.



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